2Do Before I Die

Michael Ogden, Chris Day

What’s in your checklist? Do you dream of writing a novel sometime? or of recording an album of your individual music? Would you spend a month backpacking via China in the event you may? Have you ever at all times secretly needed to attempt skydiving? or snorkeling? or snowboarding? No matter your private objectives or aspirations, irrespective of how humble or highfalutin, this revolutionary interactive handbook will enable you jump-start life adjustments, and expertise this world to the fullest. Maybe your life is in transition-and, in spite of everything, whose is not? Whether or not you are altering careers, planning for retirement, or simply beginning out after graduating from college… Whether or not you are plotting to make your mark on the world, considering the way you would possibly finest contribute, or just questioning what’s subsequent in your life… 2Do Earlier than I Die will enable you set private priorities, determine life objectives, and notice your desires. Much less “” than “why not,” 2Do Earlier than I Die options eye-opening true tales of people that’ve modified their lives considerably in small methods (by studying to swim, rising a beard, working in a soup kitchen) or taken nice, life-altering leaps (by beginning a enterprise, having a child, touring the world). With its provocative brainstorming workout routines and ingenious sensible ideas, 2Do Earlier than I Die encourages and lets you create your individual final 2Do list-one that may function your private highway map towards a uniquely wealthy life.