A Buddhist Grief Observed

Guy Newland

Amid the world-shattering ache of loss, what helps?

“After the loss of life of his beloved accomplice from most cancers, Newland finds himself asking how efficient his lengthy years of Buddhist follow have been in serving to him come to phrases with overwhelming grief. This finely written ebook affords a lucid meditation on what it means to follow the Dharma when every part falls aside.” —Stephen Batchelor, writer of Buddhism with out Beliefs and After Buddhism

Within the custom of C. S. Lewis’s A Grief Noticed, Man Newland affords this courageous file of falling to items after which studying to make sense of his ache and grief inside his religious custom. Drawing inspiration from all corners of the Buddhist world—from Zen tales and the Dalai Lama, to Pema Chödrön and historical Pali texts—this ebook reverberates with honesty, kindness, and deep humanity. Newland reveals us the facility of responding absolutely and authentically to the loss of life of a liked one. 

“A tragic, lovely, and obligatory ebook—and a map ready for a lot of who will want it.” —James Ishmael Ford, writer of If You’re Fortunate Your Coronary heart Will Break

“Man Newland faces squarely the ache of loss of life and the ache of grief and affords a piece of unusual energy, perception, and honesty—and extraordinary compassion.” —Jay L. Garfield, writer of Partaking Buddhism