Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power

Josef Pieper

 One of many nice Catholic philosophers of our day displays on the way in which language has been abused in order that, as a substitute of being a way of speaking the reality and getting into extra deeply into it, and of the acquisition of knowledge, it’s getting used to manage folks and manipulate them to attain sensible ends.

Actuality turns into intelligible by phrases. Man speaks in order that by naming issues, what’s actual might turn out to be intelligible. This mediating character of language, nonetheless, is being more and more corrupted. Tyranny, propaganda, mass-media destroy and deform phrases. They provide us obvious realities whose fictive character threatens to turn out to be opaque. Josef Pieper reveals with energetic zeal, but in addition with ascetical restraint, the trail out of this harmful state of affairs. We’re constrained to see issues once more as they’re and from the reality thus grasped, to reside and to work.