Age of Propaganda

Anthony R. Pratkanis, Elliot Aronson

Individuals create 57% of the world’s promoting whereas representing solely 6% of its inhabitants; half of our waking hours are spent immersed within the mass media. Persuasion has at all times been integral to the democratic course of, however more and more, considerate dialogue is being changed with simplistic soundbites and manipulative messages.

Drawing on the historical past of propaganda in addition to on up to date analysis in social psychology, Age of Propaganda exhibits how the ways utilized by political campaigners, gross sales brokers, advertisers, televangelists, demagogues, and others typically make the most of our feelings by interesting to our deepest fears and most irrational hopes, making a distorted imaginative and prescient of the world we reside in.

This revised and up to date version consists of protection of the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal, latest election campaigns, speak radio, teen suicide, U.F.O. abductions, the Columbine shootings, and novel propaganda ways primarily based on hypocrisy and false allegations.