Computers Helping People with Special Needs

Klaus Miesenberger

The introduction to the first Worldwide Convention on Computer systems for Han- cappedPersons(Vienna,1989)byAMinTjoa(UniversityofVienna)andRoland Wagner(UniversityofLinz)?nishedwiththefollowingmissionstatementonthe “Future Course on Computer systems for Handicapped Individuals”: “The di?erent themes present that numerous issues are solved by the utilization of laptop expertise for serving to handicapped individuals, as an illustration for the blind and visually handicapped. A consequence of the mentioned themes there are two instructions which ought to be executed within the subsequent years. One course is apparent. The instruments have to be improved and analysis and improvement work ought to be prolonged to all teams of handicapped (even when they’re numerically not so giant as for instancetheblindorvisuallyhandicappedpersons). Ontheothersideinthearea of social implications there’s an growing demand on social science research on total laptop use amongst disabled individuals. As a result of sources are in precept lacking right this moment about disabled individuals work duties, analysis on this ?eld should start by making an attempt to survey this facet. Specific consideration ought to be paid to the extent and character of laptop use among the many handicapped in work life. There are numerous questions, which ought to be answered throughout the subsequent years for reaching the purpose of rehabilitation. ” Fifteen years later the ninth Worldwide Convention on Computer systems Serving to Individuals with Particular Wants (Paris, 2004) o?ered a complete and deepened view on basic consciousness,particular analysis and particular person purposes conce- ing disabled folks and their participation in our society.