Coping with Toxic Managers, Subordinates –and Other Difficult People

Roy H. Lubit

Many managers have interaction in damaging conduct that does appreciable hurt to their subordinates, their group and ultimately themselves. Whether or not they’re narcissistic, unethical, inflexible or aggressive, or just depressed/anxious/burned out, working with them could be a nightmare. Furthermore, they’ll do critical injury to their organizations by diverting vitality from productive work, damaging cooperation and information sharing, impairing retention of the very best individuals, weakening morale, and making poor enterprise choices. In Dealing with Poisonous Managers, psychiatrist and organizational advisor Dr. Roy Lubit reveals you how one can develop your emotional intelligence and shield your self and your group from the damaging impression of poisonous managers. Whereas there are numerous organizational consultants who make the most of psychological insights of their work and psychologists who seek the advice of to organizations, Dr. Lubit’s depth of coaching and expertise in psychiatry, organizational conduct and organizational consulting supplies a foundation for distinctive insights