Death in Slow Motion

Eleanor Cooney

When her once-glamorous and witty novelist-mother acquired Alzheimer’s, Eleanor Cooney moved her from her beloved Connecticut dwelling to California to be able to look after her. In tense, searing prose, punctuated with the blackest of humor, Cooney paperwork the sluggish erosion of her mom’s thoughts, the highly effective bond the 2 shared, and her personal descent into drink and despair.

However the coping mechanism that lastly serves this eloquent author finest is writing, the power to carry to vivid life the reminiscences her mom is dropping. As her mom gropes within the gathering darkness for a grip on the world she as soon as liked, succeeding solely in conjuring unhappy fantasies of locations and occasions together with her late husband, Cooney revisits their true previous. Dying in Sluggish Movement turns into the mesmerizing story of Eleanor’s precise childhood, straight out of the pages of John Cheever; the daring and vibrant mom she remembers; and a time that not exists for both of them.