Dreams in Group Psychotherapy

Claudio Neri, Malcolm Pines, Robi Friedman

Goals instructed within the group are conjoint particular person and group creations. They’re each influenced by the group environment and should in flip affect it and the person, selling change and improvement. Goals have a deepening impact on therapeutic work and, attributable to their unconscious content material, they might symbolize probably the most genuine alternate between particular person and group.

This state-of-the-art e-book offers assist for therapists encountering a dream instructed of their group. It covers the most important theoretical views for his or her understanding, in addition to representing totally different psychological colleges and their approaches to the technical problems with group dream remedy. Regardless of the number of sources, the scientific approaches described complement one another, and the e-book particulars many case research, together with a primary dream within the group, an unconscious assembly between men and women, and different polarities inside the particular person and the group.