How Many Friends Does One Person Need? Dunbar’s Number and Other Evolutionary Quirks

Robin Dunbar

Why do males speak and girls gossip, and which is healthier for you? Why is monogamy a drain on the mind? And why must you be suspicious of somebody who has greater than 150 buddies on Fb? We’re the product of our evolutionary historical past, and this historical past colours our on a regular basis lives—from why we joke to the depth of our non secular beliefs. In How Many Buddies Does One Individual Want? Robin Dunbar makes use of groundbreaking experiments which have eternally modified the way in which evolutionary biologists clarify how the distant previous underpins our present habits. We all know a lot extra now than Darwin ever did, however the core of contemporary evolutionary principle lies firmly in Darwin’s elegantly easy concept: organisms behave in ways in which improve the frequency with which genes are handed on to future generations. This concept is on the coronary heart of Dunbar’s guide, which seeks to clarify why people behave as they do. Stimulating, provocative, and immensely gratifying, his guide invitations you to discover the variety of buddies you’ve gotten, whether or not you’ve gotten your father’s mind or your mom’s, whether or not morning illness may truly be good for you, why Barack Obama’s 2008 victory was a foregone conclusion, what Gaelic has to do with frankincense, and why we giggle. Within the course of, Dunbar examines the position of faith in human evolution, the truth that most of us have unexpectedly well-known ancestors, and why women and men by no means appear capable of see eye to eye on coloration.