Jung: A Very Short Introduction

Anthony Stevens

Although he was a prolific author and an unique thinker of huge erudition, Jung lacked a present for clear exposition and his concepts are much less broadly appreciated than they deserve. On this concise introduction, Anthony Stevens explains clearly the essential ideas of Jungian psychology: the collective unconscious, complicated, archetype, shadow, persona, anima, animus, and the individuation of the Self. He examines Jung’s views on such disparate topics as delusion, faith, alchemy, `sychronicity’, and the psychology of gender variations, and he devotes separate chapters to the phases of life, Jung’s principle of psychological sorts, the interpretation of goals, the observe of Jungian evaluation, and to the unjust allegation that Jung was a Nazi sympathizer. Lastly, he argues that Jung’s visionary powers and profound spirituality have helped many to search out an alternate set of values to the arid materialism prevailing in Western society. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Brief Introductions collection from Oxford College Press accommodates tons of of titles in virtually each topic space. These pocket-sized books are the proper solution to get forward in a brand new topic rapidly. Our knowledgeable authors mix details, evaluation, perspective, new concepts, and enthusiasm to make attention-grabbing and difficult subjects extremely readable.