Pamela Meyer


Folks–friends, members of the family, work colleagues, salespeople–lie to us on a regular basis. Every day, hourly, consistently. None of us is immune, and all of us are victims. Based on research by a number of completely different researchers, most of us encounter almost 200 lies a day.

Now there’s one thing we are able to do about it. Pamela Meyer’s Liespotting hyperlinks three disciplines–facial recognition coaching, interrogation coaching, and a complete survey of analysis within the field–into a specialised physique of knowledge developed particularly to assist enterprise leaders detect deception and get the knowledge they should efficiently conduct their most essential interactions and transactions.

A number of the nation’s main enterprise executives have discovered to make use of these strategies to root out lies in excessive stakes conditions. Liespotting for the primary time brings years of knowledge–previously discovered solely within the intelligence neighborhood, police coaching academies, and universities–into the company boardroom, the supervisor’s assembly, the job interview, the authorized continuing, and the deal negotiation.


Study communication secrets and techniques beforehand recognized solely to a handful of scientists, interrogators and intelligence specialists.

Liespotting reveals what’s hiding in plain sight in each enterprise assembly, job interview and negotiation:

– The one most harmful facial features to be careful for in enterprise & private relationships

– 10 questions that get folks to inform you something

– A easy 5-step technique for recognizing and stopping the lies advised in almost each high-stakes enterprise negotiation and interview

– Dozens of postures and facial expressions that ought to immediately put you on Purple Alert for deception

– The telltale phrases and verbal responses that separate truthful tales from deceitful ones

– The way to create a circle of advisers who will assure your success