Maria Konnikova

The New York Occasions bestselling information to considering like literature’s biggest detective. “Steven Pinker meets Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” (Boston Globe), by the writer of The Confidence Sport

No fictional character is extra famend for his powers of thought and statement than Sherlock Holmes. However is his extraordinary mind merely a present of fiction, or can we be taught to domesticate these skills ourselves, to enhance our lives at work and at dwelling?

We are able to, says psychologist and journalist Maria Konnikova, and in Mastermind she reveals us how. Starting with the “mind attic”—Holmes’s metaphor for the way we retailer info and arrange data—Konnikova unpacks the psychological methods that result in clearer considering and deeper insights. Drawing on twenty-first-century neuroscience and psychology, Mastermind explores Holmes’s distinctive strategies of ever-present mindfulness, astute statement, and logical deduction. In doing so, it reveals how every of us, with some self-awareness and a bit apply, can make use of these identical strategies to sharpen our perceptions, resolve troublesome issues, and improve our artistic powers. For Holmes aficionados and informal readers alike, Konnikova reveals how the world’s most keen-eyed detective can function an unparalleled information to upgrading the thoughts.

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