Memory Power

Scott Hagwood

Good reminiscence isn’t a present, it’s a talent you’ll be able to develop. Reminiscence Energy exhibits you the way.

Ever neglect the place you place your automobile keys? Or neglect a reputation 5 seconds after assembly somebody? Clean in the course of a presentation or check? Forgetting is regular but it surely’s not inevitable. Reminiscence Energy supplies the answer to unleash your interior genius.

Scott Hagwood is a four-time Nationwide Reminiscence Champion, however he wasn’t born with photographic recall. At age thirty-six he underwent radiation therapy for most cancers, which his medical doctors warned would possibly trigger reminiscence loss.

Hagwood was decided to beat the percentages, so he started to stretch and work his reminiscence like a muscle. He quickly discovered that easy every day reminiscence drills may restore and even enhance his means to recollect faces, numbers, and textual content. His train plan was so efficient that finally his mind started to vary bodily, turning into extra environment friendly in areas related to reminiscence.

Now Hagwood shares with you the easy-to-learn strategies he used to go from common Joe to the primary American Grand Grasp of Reminiscence. You might assume you’re forgetful or absentminded, however you, too, can faucet into your latent however very actual reminiscence energy.