QBQ! the Question Behind the Question

John G. Miller, Kristin E. Lindeen

From the bestselling writer of QBQ! The Query Behind the Query comes a workbook that can assist you in your journey to embrace private accountability.
Who Moved My Cheese?
confirmed readers the best way to adapt to vary. Fish! helped elevate flagging morale. Execution guided readers to beat the shortcoming to get issues performed. QBQ!: The Query Behind the Query, now a basic bestselling information celebrating 15 years in print, addresses an important problem in enterprise and society immediately: private accountability.
This brand-new workbook and examine information will take you deeper into the fabric, permitting you to discover and take in the best way to substitute blame, complaining, and procrastination with private accountability, by asking the straightforward query, “What can I do higher subsequent time?”
As a substitute of, “Who dropped the ball?” “Why do they hold messing up?” or “Why do now we have to undergo all these modifications?” you’ll start to ask, “How can I enhance this case?” “What can I contribute?” and “How can I make a distinction?”
The proper companion to QBQ! and a strong instrument for people, groups, and organizations, this deceptively easy workbook presents a daring new solution to clear up issues, enhance teamwork, improve productiveness, and pave the way in which for extraordinary success.”