Sleep and Dreams

Rudolf Steiner

What are Goals? All ages, each tradition, maybe each particular person, have completely different solutions. We will no less than agree on one factor, nonetheless: goals are different. Their presence in our lives demonstrates that we’re not restricted to a single mode of consciousness. The world of sleep is essentially a clean for us, an abyss of non-consciousness, yawning between in the future and the following, however the actual fact that we are able to dream pronounces our potential for consciousness inside that abyss.

We spend a 3rd of our life asleep a proven fact that dream theorists not often take into account. This startling assortment of lectures by Rudolf Steiner, chosen and launched by the psychologist Michael Lipson, supplies a really distinctive method of approaching goals, based mostly on an understanding of the religious nature of human beings. A radically new view of goals as the edge to religious actuality arises, as soon as we acknowledge that bodily existence is simply the tip of an iceberg hidden largely within the religious world.

Sleep, loss of life, and meditation are the three realms by which consciousness has the chance to deepen its immersion within the divine movement of existence. In precept, we are able to turn out to be infinitely extra self-aware in every of them, since human consciousness will not be fastened neither in contents nor when it comes to alertness. All day lengthy, the contents of our consciousness change, and throughout the evening, the extent adjustments.

These lectures allow readers to glimpse the incredible depths of expertise we usually sleep by way of and to ponder Steiner’s astounding program: to keep up self-aware consciousness by way of sleep, by way of loss of life, by way of all being.


  • The Secrets and techniques of Sleep
  • Sleep and the Three-Half Soul
  • Sleep and the World of the Stars
  • Understanding Sleep by way of Creativeness, Inspiration, and Instinct
  • An Energetic Spirit: Goals and the Religious Researcher
  • Our interior Undercurrent: A Continuous Dreaming
  • Getting ready for a New Beginning
  • Dreaming and the Etheric Physique
  • Inspiration: Bringing the Unconscious to Consciousness
  • Confronting the Totality of Our Lives by way of Goals
  • The Logic and Illogic of Goals
  • Goals and Human Growth
  • Deciphering Goals
  • Goals: The Human Essence in Religious Connection