Super Memory

That is a type of uncommon books that may assist all of us with one thing that’s each troublesome and worrisome — our reminiscence. It does this with ease, not by trying to show some exhausting rote-memory methods, however in 12 straightforward and effortlessly clean steps.

Shakuntala Devi’s down-to-earth writing and inspiring step-by-step method places tremendous reminiscence in attain of everybody. As she says, ‘Take my phrase. You can begin making use of my memory-enhancing methods instantly, proper now. Earlier than you’ll notice, making use of my strategies and methods will turn into your second nature.’

Shakuntala Devi has been honing and educating her reminiscence enchancment methods for greater than 40 years. Tremendous Reminiscence is the results of her life’s work, specifically tailor-made to our wants as we age, and encompassing all the some ways we will use a greater reminiscence each day.