Superior Memory

John M. Wilding, Elizabeth R. Valentine

This ebook examines the character and causal antecedents of superior reminiscence efficiency. The principle theme is that such efficiency might depend upon both particular reminiscence strategies or pure superiority within the effectivity of a number of reminiscence processes.
Chapter 2 surveys present views in regards to the construction of reminiscence and discusses whether or not widespread processes could be recognized which could underlie normal variation in reminiscence skill, or whether or not distinct reminiscence subsystems exist, the effectivity of which varies independently of one another.
Chapter three supplies a complete survey of present proof on superior reminiscence efficiency. It examines strategies which underlie many examples of surprising reminiscence efficiency, and concludes that not all this proof is explicable when it comes to such strategies. Relations between reminiscence skill and different cognitive processes are additionally mentioned.
The rest of the ebook describes the authors’ personal research of a dozen reminiscence consultants, using all kinds of short- and long-term reminiscence duties. These research present a a lot bigger physique of information than beforehand out there from research of single people, often restricted to a slender vary of duties and barely involving any systematic research of long-term retention.
The authors argue that in some instances uncommon reminiscence skill is just not depending on using particular strategies. They develop some goal standards for distinguishing between topics who display “pure” superiority and people “strategists” who depend upon strategies. Pure superiority was characterised by superior efficiency on a wider vary of duties and higher long-term retention.
The existence of a normal reminiscence skill was additional supported by an element evaluation of information from all topics, omitting those that described highly-practised strategies. This evaluation additionally demonstrated the independence of preliminary encoding and retention processes.
The monograph raises many attention-grabbing questions regarding the existence and nature of particular person variations in reminiscence skill (a beforehand uncared for subject), their relation to different cognitive processes and implications for theories regarding the construction of reminiscence.