The Big Book of Mysteries

Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe

From Atlantis to Nostradamus, Masons to Templars, Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe have explored among the biggest mysteries ever identified on this world and past. Now, in The Large E-book of Mysteries, the Fanthorpes try to reply, amongst different questions:

  • What are the origins of blood-sucking creatures akin to vampires?
  • Do Yeti and Sasquatch actually exist on mountains in Canada and Nepal?
  • Who really constructed the Sphinx and the Pyramids and why have been they erected?
  • What unusual, harmful powers lay hidden within the Ark of the Covenant?
  • Is the Bermuda Triangle actually a deathtrap for ships and planes?

Secret societies, misplaced treasures, and legendary monsters all have been fastidiously researched by the Fanthorpes, many investigated in individual, and now introduced with illustrations and pictures in a single super-sized assortment to fulfill everyones curiosity. If youve ever felt the burning want to know extra about lifes nice mysteries, then The Large E-book of Mysteries is for you no ingredient of the unknown is secure from the Fanthorpes scrutinizing eyes.