The Phoenix Phenomenon

Joanne Jozefowski

It is a guide of hope and promise about bereavement remedy. The Phoenix Grievers, extraordinary individuals whose attributes allow them to rework and transcend their very own grief, are used as fashions of the self-actualization that can lead to the aftermath of an insufferable loss. Primarily based on the experiences of those distinctive grievers, bereavement therapist Joanne Jozefowski presents tips on keep away from hazards, adapt with wholesome coping mechanisms, and remove pointless struggling. She gives a developmental mannequin of the method of grief; identifies the phases of affect, chaos, adaptation, equilibrium and transformation; and presents phase-specific suggestions for the bereaved and their therapists.

A well-written and beneficial useful resource for each grievers and the psychological well being professionals who assist them, this guide gives hope for transformational grief and the instruments to forge that final result.