The Power of Concentration

Theron Q. Dumont

The Energy of Focus by Theron Q. Dumont. Theron Q. Dumont (aka William Walker Atkinson) lived from 1862-1932. Everyone knows that with a purpose to accomplish a sure factor we should focus. It’s of the utmost worth to learn to focus. To make successful of something you need to be capable of focus your whole thought upon the concept you’re understanding. Don’t develop into discouraged, if you’re unable to carry your thought on the topic very lengthy at first. There are only a few that may. It appears a peculiar incontrovertible fact that it’s simpler to focus on one thing that isn’t good for us, than on one thing that’s useful. This tendency is overcome once we be taught to pay attention consciously. If you’ll simply follow a number of focus workouts every day you will see that you’ll quickly develop this glorious energy. Success is assured when you’ll be able to focus for you’re then in a position to make the most of on your good all constructive ideas and shut out all of the harmful ones. It’s of the best worth to have the ability to suppose solely that which might be useful.