This Will Make You Smarter

John Brockman

Over 150 of the world’s main scientists and thinkers supply their selection of the concepts, methods and arguments that can assist all of us perceive our world, and its future, higher.

Consists of contributions from:
Richard Dawkins, Stephen Pinker, Daniel Dennett, Clay Shirky, Daniel Goleman, Sam Harris, Lee Smolin, Matt Ridley, Mark Henderson, David Rowan, Sir Martin Rees, Craig Venter, Brian Eno, Jaron Lanier and David Brooks . . . amongst others.

Along with his organisation, the literary agent and all-purpose mental impresario John Brockman has introduced collectively essentially the most influential thinkers of our age. Yearly he units them a query, this 12 months that query was:
What Scientific Idea Would Enhance All people’s Cognitive Toolkit?

Their solutions are collected on this e-book and discover philosophy, psychology, economics, and different disciplines – and all share one purpose: to supply essentially the most dependable methods of gaining information about something, whether or not it’s human behaviour, company behaviour, the destiny of the planet, or the way forward for the universe.