Your Freudian Psychoanalysis

Anthony Dugdale

Love him or hate him, we’re all intrigued by Sigmund Freud. His brainchild, psychoanalysis, is dear and time-consuming, however readers of this indispensable different can save a fortune over typical evaluation. Uncover by means of 28 cheat-proof questionnaires how you can analyse your desires, measure the power of your ego, and resolve whether or not you could have an oral or anal character, an Oedipus or Electra complicated. Discover out why some individuals develop into gynecologists and others executioners; why Freudians assume ballet dancers and those that watch them are perverts, besides in title; why individuals marketing campaign to save lots of the whale, dye their hair, get pleasure from hurting themselves, shift blame onto different individuals, select surprising companions, develop into vegetarians, put on flashy ties, suck their thumb, select bread-making as a passion, or consider in magic. For those who ve ever mirrored on the affect of your childhood, puzzled what your desires would possibly imply, or are on a quest for self-knowledge, lie down on the sofa within the pages ofYour Freudian Psychoanalysis . . .in 5 hours, not 5 yearsand you’ll emerge with an entire new understanding of your self.