Your Memory

Kenneth Higbee, Ph.D., Kenneth L. Higbee, Ph.D.

Do you wish to cease forgetting appointments, birthdays, and different necessary dates? Work extra effectively at your job? Research much less and get higher grades? Keep in mind the names and faces of individuals you meet? The excellent news is that it is all doable. Your Reminiscence will assist to broaden your reminiscence skills past what you thought doable. Dr. Higbee reveals how easy strategies, just like the Hyperlink, Loci, Peg, and Phonetic methods, will be included into your on a regular basis life and how one can additionally use these strategies to be taught overseas languages sooner than you thought doable, keep in mind particulars you’d have in any other case forgotten, and overcome normal absentmindedness. Higbee additionally contains sections on growing old and reminiscence and the most recent info on using mnemonics.